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A substantial portion of the engineers’ work is based on analysing data and finding the right balance between cost and benefits.
The Analysis activities start gathering the required information,
stretching then from the modelization of the system to the definition of the best trade-off solution.

  • Requirements -The requirements management involves the detailing of the customer's needs and the definition of the features of the system (or subsystems).. more info
  • Risk - Risks Analysis refers to the identification of potential issues that could negatevely impact on the project. This process includes the verification of tasks, the update of risks registers and the methods to mitigate them, covering a selection of workarounds to overcome the actual obstacles.. more info
  • Trade-Off - The trade-off analysis covers a number of investigation activities,  going from the performance analysis related to an arbitrary target of parametric models (e.g. budget) to the search for an optimal function (e.g. minimum cost).. more info

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System Specification
Parametric Model
Scientific Model