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We consider the Design activities as part of a strongly structured framework sprinkled with a large amount of creativity: just like fine arts.
We'll face the challenge mixing the best practices and innovative concepts, still bonding the process to the most reliable Standards. 


Desktop SW
Embedded SW


3D modelling
Electrical design
Mechanical design
Rapid Prototyping


The development of a good software starts with the knowledge of the best practices and the observance of strict standards to write the code.
A good code must be simple to read and to maintain.
Doing so we guarantee cost effectiveness in terms of software development and verification.


We have a deep knowledge of the technical strategies to develop reliable electronic parts, capable of meeting all the client's expectations.
 A bespoke hardware will be developed to achieve each goal in terms of compliance with the most challenging guidelines. 

· MECHANICAL: To accomplish the best mechanical design for our products, we need to undertake several analysis steps,
often including Thermal or Stuctural Analysis.
Thanks to our support the customer will be relieved from the effort needed to design a mechanical part.

· SYSTEMS: System Analysis is a very wide area, so it is imperative to know where to start.
 The complicated task is approached by defining how would the system for the current intent look like.
This definition will then lead to the description of interfaces and functional behaviour, like transfer functions or structural diagrams.
We'll support our clients from the definition to the qualification of the system.

Design with Altium

Using altium solutions  for our pcb projects allows us to work remotely with a seamless flow connecting our partners and customers to the powerful tools this platform is able to offer.

Referral Program

Our collaborators and associates can also take advantage of the special deals we have achieved for ourselves through the Altium Referral Program.