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When we learned about Hydra (hydrozoa) we immediately thought we had to adopt one of this small freshwater animals as our mascot.
Hydras are known among biologists for their great regeneration capabilities,
which allow them to be extraordinarily resilient to changes and fluctuations within their ecosystems;
having this little critter in our logo is a constant reminder of our values as we firmly believe that innovation is an ever-adapting process,
and helps us to keep focus on a (much needed) environmentally conscious approach to the technological design and manufacturing.

The Company

Hidra is a small yet ambitious start up company, born with a clear purpose: integrating the creative process and the newest work methodologies
into the classic engineering industry.
Bearing this foundational principle in mind we select our core personnel trying to cover a wide variety of skills,
from social science and marketing to vertical system engineering disciplines.
Our variegated educational and professional backgrounds give us the ability of bringing up original fixings and solutions.

A slender body with a resilient core
Our business model has been deliberately created and developed to avoid the cost of inefficient and static infrastructures, and that allows us to transfer those savings to our clients.
The technical principles on which this simplified structure is pivoting are our resilient core, the standards we set based on our founders' professional careers.


Following the unwritten rules of craftsmanship, our mission will be creating taylored products and services for our clients or direct commercialisation 


Our Team of high specialised engineers is set on improving the cost effectiveness of your project by
exploiting the advantages of our “Smart Work” based model.
Thanks to a decentralised organisational structure
we are able to guarantee maximum efficiency throughout the international panorama.
The company is based on a solid concept of productisation of a project. This framework grants our support over the entire process,
from the conceptual design, to the prototype certification and all the way to the industrialisation of a product.

Skills & Background

learn more about previous works and expertise of our team members.


check out the standards and certifications we've been working with.


take a look to some of the products we have developed so far.

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