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full Design and Support by our Senior Engineers

Industry 4.0   &   Engineering

At Hidra we are keen to offer the support your company needs to design Products and Systems for industrial applications,
monitoring and sensing for sizable production processes and special activities.

Developing a new product in the mentioned areas implies using specific materials,
processes and design criteria in order to ensure maximum effectiveness and durability;
Hidra is your best option to achieve these goals! 

The key to success when designing a new project is to build a strong framework based on the proper balance between functionalities,
components and production processes.
At Hidra we know that, and our Senior Engineers will ease the way thanks to their expertise and care for details.
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Does your product do what it is supposed to? How reliable it really is? Does it always work? under any circumstances?

Answering those questions can be quite hard and stressful when it carries financial consequences with it...
we want to give you peace of mind through our premium Support Services,
spanning from bare Consultancy to the creation of bespoke Test Benches to check all the aspects of your products,
from Hardware to Software, from Subsystems to Systems. 

Data Collection in industrial environments and General Porpose IOT are our main focal points.

While the best way to implement those capabilities is their integration at the Design stage,
Hidra can also modify your existing System adding the required features.

On the other hand, We have already developed as a company both Hardware and Software products that can be easily composed to meet your requirements.

Hidra can also support your company in its Digital Transition,
granting the help needed to solve the maze of paperwork and requirements linked to the administration's funding tools, such as Tax Credit,
Call-for-Tenders applications, public Grants and Loans, etc.
Furthermore, Digital Transition is also a way to improve your production process and monitoring,
thanks to a more agile management and storage of Data.

Avionics   &   Aerospace

Most of our Engineers and Technicians forged their expertise in the Aerospace Industry, having been involved in all the aspects of the discipline:
Hardware, Mechanical, Process and Management.
At Hidra we are confident we can be your Aerospace sub-contractor, offering our sevices regarding Systems and Subsystems (of any size),
providing high reliability and robust design and management from the Concept to the Qualification Procedure.
Our extensive knowledge on the subject allows us to handle the singularity of High Rel components with ease, taking into account their numerous
multidisciplinary interactions. 
(designs based on sector standards: ECSS, CENELEC, MIL.. )

Our background in Aerospace and Avionics is the key when it comes to setting up the proper team for the actual task.

Hidra´s Work Teams are shaped to guarantee high quality levels for your System, being able to perform a wide variety of Analysis Activities,
such as Reliability, Risk Analysis, Requirements verification and Critical Specification Analysis

We know that components selection must be undertaken at the Design
stage to secure an efficient, robust and reliable Aerospace System.

As our Professionals have experienced the common issues related to the wide range of material and processes linked to the Aerospace engineering branch,
Hidra is willing to share their know-how to craft the perfect solution for your Project. 

V&V, EMC, Vibration, Thermalvacuum, Shock

Adaptation is the core of our DNA... Hidra will adapt the standards to create a made-to-measure Test Campaign for Aerospace Components/Systems qualification,
with a special care to the balance between quantitative and qualitative analysis.

All this can be offered as part of our Pruduct Assurance Service or as an internal activity of the wider Product Management Service.
As for the latter, We'll follow the process step by step, all the way from the previous analysis to the Test Report and the final Data Analysis. 

your fast lane from concept to shelf

- The best practices and innovative concepts, still bonding the process to the most reliable Standards -

As stated in our Design Section "We consider the Design activities as part of a strongly structured framework sprinkled with a large amount of creativity: just like fine arts."
But then it is imperative bringing the ideas back and forth from the Design Stage to the Production Stage, to ensure both are connected through a continuous feedback stream.
Influencing each other in order to achieve the best outcome: a final product based on our multidisciplinar approach.  


· Rapid Protoyping ·

Some of our clients will be in need of a fast response to an actual problem, some others will simply want to take advantage of some momentum in their specific market sector:

In cases like those, Rapid Prototyping is the answer!

Hidra's slim and functional businness structure gives us the chance to offer a fast solution without a noticeble quality loss.

Check out How Hidra Works here


· Product/Market Matching ·

At Hidra we make a big deal of the Market Analysis when it comes to define the features and cost structure of our own products,
and we make of this principle one of the key rules of all our Service-based undertakings:

Finding the perfect match between Requirements and Market conditions is a MUST to avoid our clients an udesirable waste of time and money.

Therefore, Market is a crucial aspect of our previous analysis and its conditions will inform every step of our activities.

Optical Fiber Sensing

Optical Sensors, Fiber Bragg Grating, Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry...

Since Hidra has already developed its own optical fiber sensing system and device (check its features here)
we will be happy to use the acquired knowledge in a previous feasibility analysis to determine 
wheter this is the right technology for your company's intents and, being that the case, 
perform a customisation process in order to meet your requirements.

Why Go Optical?

Here just a few of the optical sensing main advantages

·Ideal for large Structural Monitoring Systems

·Small-sized devices give great scalability features

·Optimal performance in harsh environment applications

·No electric current involved, no EMC (Electromagnetic Compability) issues

Mobile Apps / Web Apps

Always connected, all your data matter what, no matter where

                           apps are the way

Apps and Web Apps are often the only way to remotely control and monitor a large amount of devices, machines or entire systems.

At Hidra we try to sort out the problem creating a bespoke tool with the most simple, user-friendly interface,
keeping the complex functionalities at a lower level and giving our end-users a hassle free experience. 
Prompt response, readily accessible tools, all in your pocket... We'll help you dynamize your business and take it to the next level!

Manage, Control, Monitor

Imagine being able to monitor all of your systems, devices or machinery from virtually anywhere;
to gather and access all of your data regardless the platform you're using at any moment,
taking advantage of the cloud and other remote data storage solutions. You'd just need an internet connection to manage your
all-important data.

Well, this is actually easily achievable with our Monitor Control System,
check out how it works in detail here.

Hidra & Copernicus, data integration

We offer to our clients the ability to integrate the data made available by the EU's copernicus programme to their decision making platforms, giving them access to a vast array of reliable and comparable datasets and statistics obtained through satellite observation. With our help, they'll be able to craft their local services and processes for agricoltural and land monitoring purposes, starting with a huge amount of structured and normalised information.