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Most of the existing markets are regulated by specific standards, which rule over the designing and the validation of the systems.
We'll offer to our client an extended monitoring activity over the entire lifecycle of the product. 

avionics & space standards


Space (ECSS)
Raylways (CENELEC)
EMC & Testing (DO160, IS402, FCA 9.90111, VW 800 00, ECSS)

The avionic market is recognised as the most critical one in terms of reliability and safety.
For this reason, the development of a new product shall follow severe methods and procedure.
These rules are applied both to SW (DO178C) and HW (DO254).
These two guidelines are the frame suggested for the implementation of the ARP 4754 and ARP 4761 disciplines.
 DO160 guidelines will be the reference frame for the unit qualification.
We have the skills and experience to set up an avionic development from the beginning to the production,
being able to grant the achievement of the EASA approval.

Although Space Design is regulated by similar criteria as the Avionic Design, it must be undertaken using its own specific Standards,
which are usually inspired by other high reliability based industries (such as Automotives, Railways and Avionics itself).
The regulamentation applicable for the European Space Agency is condesed in the ECSS discipline,
 which includes ECSS System Objectives (ECSS-S-ST-00C), Space Engineering (ECSS-E-ST-10) and so forth.